Tuesday meditation class york

TUESDAY EVENINGS 7-8.15pm – Meditation Classes in-person and online

VENUE: 24 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ

COST: £28 / 4 week course if you pre-book online or £10/pay at the door when you drop-in.

Free for members

The Path to Happiness – JULY THEME (4-week course)

DATES: Tuesdays 5, 12, 19, 26 July.

COST: £28 / 4 week course if you pre-book online or £10 / pay at the door when you drop-in.

Meditation is not just chilling out. And it’s not just emptying our mind. It takes us somewhere – and that somewhere is where we all want to be.

We call meditation a path because it has a beginning and an end. It leads from problems and confusion to lasting mental peace, clarity and happiness. In Kadampa Buddhism, it is not a difficult path. It follows a clear inner map with steps and signposts, all of which utilise our own experience of life. This four-week course will introduce some of the essential stages on the meditator’s path.

From Confusion to Clarity – August theme (2-week course)

DATES: Tuesdays 23, 30 August

COST: £14 / 2 week course if you pre-book online or £10 / pay at the door when you drop-in.

We often think that by simply improving our external conditions we can be truly happy. Motivated by this belief, we spend most of our time trying to engineer the right conditions, lifestyle and environment that will make us happy. As a result, our lives have become increasingly complicated and stressful, and our problems and worries have not been reduced.

On this course we will learn meditation techniques and approaches to positive thinking that will enable us to start discovering happiness within. By developing a daily meditation practice, we can enter the path leads from away from problems and confusion and towards lasting mental peace, clarity and happiness. 

The topics of our Tuesday evening classes for next few months are listed below:

August: From Confusion to Clarity 

September: Change your Luck

Buddhist teacher Margaret


Margaret Hoyle is a Kadampa Buddhist teacher with many years of teaching experience. Margaret’s friendly, engaging teaching style and clear presentation inspire people from all walks of life to find happiness and solve problems through the practice of modern Buddhism.