Tuesday evening meditation class | 7pm – 8.15pm | with Visiting Teacher Gen Kelsang Norden

Finding Focus: Empowering the Mind

September 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th & October 3rd.

On this 5-week course Gen Kelsang Norden will introduce methods to activate our human potential by empowering our mind through meditation. In particular, they will explain meditation techniques and give practical guidance on how to develop the six perfections, which are the actual methods to attain enlightenment.

By engaging in these six practices our good qualities and happiness will naturally increase, and we will experience greater contentment and inner peace. 

Everyone Welcome!

About the class

£35 / 5-week course if you pre-book online or £10 / pay at the door when you drop in.

Free for members

Our Tuesday evening classes are suitable for those new to meditation as well as those who wish to take their existing practice deeper. The classes consist of two guided meditations and a teaching with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. 

Available for livestream (not catch-up) for members only on request.

Please note that pre-bookings are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to future classes or series of classes.


Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre
Kilnwick Percy Hall
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO42 1UF

Free parking is available on site

About the Teacher

Gen Norden was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1994 and has dedicated her life to teaching modern Buddhism and meditation throughout the U.S. and the U.K. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with students, which she presents with humour, warmth and clarity.

On this 5-week course, Gen Norden will provide clear and practical advice for those wishing to develop a meditation practice and discover a positive, focused approach to life.


Making Happiness Happen ~ with Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang | October 17th, 24th & 31st

Everyone wants to be happy, but we don’t always understand it is a choice we can make. Happiness is a state of mind, and like any positive state of mind we can learn how it can be strengthened through the practice of meditation. Therefore, we can make a choice to be happy in our life by training in meditation. According to Buddha, authentic happiness does not depend upon amassing external conditions, such as wealth, beauty, status and so on, but rather its main ingredient is inner peace, and meditation is essential for developing inner peace and happiness.

On this three-week course Gen-la Kunsang will offer advice and encouragement on how to develop inner peace and integrate the practice of meditation into our daily lives.