Wednesday meditation Class with Resident Teacher, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang (in York)

meditate in york


VENUE: 24 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ

HOW TO STOP WORRYING – February series

We can face great problems with a calm mind. We can fret over the insignificant. We can’t always keep the outside world under control. But we can do something about how we respond on the inside.

Worry is a reaction. Something is making us worried. It feels it is happening to us. But if we always think like this, we will always be worried. The outside world doesn’t care about the worries it brings us. It is relentless. Even our loved ones and our own body bring worry. We can even worry about feeling worried.

Until we see worry as what it is – a painful feeling – we will never be free from worry. Why? Because worry is a feeling and feelings only exist in our mind.

The teacher will develop this essential Buddhist insight and teach us how to pacify our mind, respond more positively and proactively to our painful feelings, and use meditation as our first line of defence against worry.


DATE & TIME: Wednesdays 7-8.15pm

PRICE: £28 / 4 week course if you pre-book online or £10/pay at the door when you drop-in. Free for members

Please note that bookings are non-refundable and they can’t be transferred to future classes or series of classes. 

VENUE: 24 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ

DATES: 2, 9, 16, 23 February

AVAILABLE to attend IN-PERSON or ONLINE (5 day catch up for each class)



Gen-la is a highly experienced teacher who is well- espected and has been a close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for 30 years.
She has won the admiration and affection of many students throughout the world through her pure example and loving kindness. Her teachings are powerful and clear.




Guided breathing meditation

Practical teaching

Second guided meditation based on the teaching

Optional Q&A session after the class