Sunday afternoon meditation class

meditation class on Sundays


Dealing with people is such a big part of our lives. Often we find others difficult to live or work with, because our priorities differ, our opinions clash and we feel unable to fulfil our wishes. As a result we then blame others for our feeling stressed and miserable.

In these classes we will learn how we can change and dramatically improve all our relationships simply by changing our way of viewing others and therefore relating differently to them. By applying these practical methods in our daily life, our relationships will become harmonious and satisfying for everyone involved and difficult people will disappear from our lives.



Christmas and New Year should be a time of joy, goodwill and togetherness. But it can also bring a sense of disappointment, and frustration. After all, everybody else seems to be having such fun. Don’t they? People are desperate to be happy. But we all know how this can lead to stress, pressure, friction, and sadness.      

We can make some simple changes in our outlook and mental habits to get us through the festive period more happily and more relaxed. By finding mental peace for ourselves we can make the most of our own break and help others to enjoy theirs.    

This 3-week course is designed to do exactly that. To give us a mental survival kit to get through the break unscathed and in good emotional shape.   



Richard-brown buddhist teacher

Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Richard Brown

Benefits of meditation

Improved concentration and focus in daily life

Less stress, worry & anxiety

Reduced irritation, anger & frustration

Greater inner peace & happiness

Increased confidence & self-esteem

Improved mental and physical well being

A positive outlook on life & better relationships

Class format

Guided breathing meditation

Practical teaching

Second guided meditation based on the teaching

Optional Q&A session after the class