Thursday meditation class

Are you spending long hours on the career treadmill? Does your family life leave little time for other pursuits? What about your relationships — are they satisfying and harmonious, or up and down like a yo-yo?

While our day-to-day experiences might differ, we all have this in common: too much to do, not enough time to do it — and no matter what we accomplish, it never feels like enough.

More than two thousand years ago, Buddha taught a step-by-step journey to inner peace and happiness. In our next series of weekly meditation classes we’ll explore this journey and how to unify it with our busy modern lives.

  • DAY & TIME

    Thursdays | 10.30 – 11.30am


    Kadampa Meditation Centre
    24 Gillygate
    YO31 7EQ

    Car parking nearby


    £5 per class

    Please register BEFORE the scheduled time of the class.

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    Thursday 18th November


    Thursday 25th November



Buddhist teacher Margaret

Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Margaret Hoyle

Benefits of meditation

Improved concentration and focus in daily life

Less stress, worry & anxiety

Reduced irritation, anger & frustration

Greater inner peace & happiness

Increased confidence & self-esteem

Improved mental and physical well being

A positive outlook on life & better relationships

Meditations for Everyday Life

Meditations available in audio CD, MP3 audio download or audio formats from our gift and bookshop in York.