Clear Light of Bliss: Post International Summer Festival – Week retreat with Gen Kelsang Devi

Based on the International Summer Festival at Manjushri KMC

Following on from the International Summer Festival at Manjushri KMC, Gen Kelsang Devi will guide a retreat based on the teachings and commentaries given. We will gain familiarity, through meditation and contemplation, of the profound Tantric practices of Vajrayana Mahamudra and how we can develop and extend our compassion to all living beings and draw closer to enlightenment ourself. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our understanding and insight in the beautiful surroundings from Madhyamaka KMC.

An in-depth exploration of profound Tantric methods for generating a deeply peaceful mind by harnessing our body’s subtle energies.


Gen Kelsang Devi is the Resident Teacher of Kailash International Retreat Center.

She is a modern Buddhist nun and senior teacher in the New Kadampa Tradition. She has engaged in extensive silent meditation retreats and taught and skillfully guided numerous group retreats ranging from a few days to three months previously at Tharpaland IRC and now at Kailash IRC as well as internationally. Her retreat experience makes her teachings and guidance in retreats very powerful, clear and practical.




Sunday 14 August
Introduction: 7 – 8.15pm

Monday to Thursday 15-18 August
Session One: 9 – 10.15am
Session Two: 11.45 – 1pm
Session Three: 4 – 5.15pm 
Session Four: 7 – 8.15pm

Friday 19 August
Session One: 9 – 10.15am
Session Two: 11.45 – 1pm

  • DATE

    Sunday 14 – Friday 19 August


    In-depth retreat and although suitable for everyone
    It is recommended to attend festival beforehand for maximum benefit but it’s not a pre-requisite/essential


    Madhyamaka KMC
    Kilnwick Percy Hall
    YO42 1UF

    Free parking onsite


    From £100 non-residential. 

    Free for standard and benefactor members (excluding lunch).  Booking in advance essential.



To maximise the benefit from this retreat, it is strongly recommended to attend the International Summer Festival to receive the blessing empowerment and teachings. Please click on the link below for more information and booking.