Learn to Meditate – Weekend Break

The most simple, easiest instruction you could give a human being is this: sit down, relax and breathe.

This is exactly how we begin to meditate. And we all know what happens. The most simple thing quickly becomes incredibly complicated. What should be so easy becomes very difficult. Our mind just goes everywhere. It just will not do what we want it to: it seems to have a life of its own. We might be smiling and serene on the outside but on the inside we are doing our Tesco shopping, dreaming of next year’s holiday, having a mental chat or finishing off an argument from 2016. We have all been there! The danger is we can come to two wrong conclusions: meditation doesn’t work or I can’t meditate. We can really miss out on finding reliable peace of mind and happiness in our lives and different ways of solving our daily problems. How sad would that be?

If we get the basics wrong, or neglect them, we can meditate for years and make little progress. But if we get the basics right, then what follows becomes easier, simpler and results come quickly. We get the confidence that good meditation brings, we become happier and more secure in ourselves.

  • DATE

    Friday 9 – Sunday 11 September


    Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced meditators.


    Madhyamaka KMC
    Kilnwick Percy Hall
    YO42 1UF

    Free parking onsite


    From £60 non-residential.

    £30 to attend Saturday only. Book online in advance to receive £5 discount

    Free for standard and benefactor members (excluding lunch).  Booking in advance essential.

    No online option available for this course

    PLEASE NOTE: Presently, we can’t provide food for our non-residential guests.

    The price for residential guests includes all meals.

    We can currently cater for vegetarian or vegan diets but we are unable to accommodate other preferences or dietary requirements at this time.


6pm  Supper
7 – 8.15pm  Introduction
9.30 – 10.45am  Session 1
11.45 – 1pm  Session 2
1pm  Lunch
4 – 5.30pm  Session 3 incl Q&A
6pm  Supper
7 – 8.15pm  Wishfulfilling Jewel Chanted Prayers (optional)
9.30 – 10.45am  Session 1
11.45 – 1pm  Session 2
1pm Lunch & departure


Each weekend retreat is taught by a qualified teacher.